Beginner Home Calisthenics Full Body Routine

As promised, here is my beginner, personal home body weight workout ( calisthenics ) that I used to get me to where im at. This is a full body beginner calisthenics routine, that can be done at the park or at home. Doing this routine will help you gain beginner strength and size. Watch the whole video for tips and please subscribe for more calisthenics routines. Thanks for watching please subscribe! ►MY WEBSITE/PROGRAMS: ►COACHING: Equipment in video!! : CALISTHENICS T-SHIRTS: Get your Exercise Bands!: (Code:AUSTIN10) Instagram: Face Book: Twitter: @geekamd intro helped produce by : LaurentCaccia TAGS: calisthenicsworkout,calisthenicsroutine,calisthenicsforbegginers,frankmedrano,barbrothers,muscleup,howto,calisthenicsmotivation,chrisbarviking,streetworkout,calisthenicstransformation ,planche,gymnastics,wscf,calisthenicskingz,pullups,pushups,buildmusclecalisthenics,barstarrz -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Calisthenics Instagram Progression | Motivation | Highlights" ➨ -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

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The best calisthenics program out there!!!

Jerry Marc: Knuckle pushups shoulda been on here too

Bundi Blair II: Thanks for this bro

Erick Chavelas: Only going to do the ones i like

Sonson: Awesome best part, I can do all of this at home. No more awkward gym visits.

antoniaowns: Died watching warm up lmao... I'm going to save this and find a routine for toddlers and I'll be back lol

Chan Killmonger: push ups are the truth bust them out when ur bored

GamingGodJon - Roblox: i was gonna comment those frog things are not for beginners but i was able to do em

itchy vag: I can't even do a girl push up. Not 1. Screw this I'm just going to continue eating pizza for breakfast lunch and dinner and hope one day scientists invent a pill that makes a pill that makes you stronger.

Pen Umbra: dude thats meegans intro :D

RIVEN RIVEN: Broo .. U barrely did 3 pull ups

Emmanuel Ike: where did you get the dip bar from? do you still use it?

Mr Prime: Ma man, u just earned a sub!! Nice vid. Can u share ur diet too? :)

Patrick Coogan: Cheers bro

John Smith: Bro what were the reps

StreetCloud: I started off with this routine every other day about a year ago and being an already fit (albeit skinny) guy when I started, I was able to make it all the way through if I did lower volume on the exercises. You wouldn't believe how excited I got when over time I was able to do more and more clean reps of the different exercises, and then finally be able to complete this workout in its entirety. Don't give up if you can't do it right away! Progress won't happen overnight but if you stick with it, you will get there!

chuchuchuchia: Goodass looking pushups

Jonathan Beeler: I see so many comments like "no beginner could do these" ect... Well, NO SHIT! Calisthenics is mostly about ATTEMPTING to complete the moves. Once you do that, it's about ATTEMPTING to get the reps in. Then it's about ATTEMPTING to find the right amount of resistance to keep building strength. Every person doing calisthenics, ALL OF THEM are still learning. There is no getting from point A to Z or what ever, with calisthenics. So stop trying to look at it that way. It's only about building strength, and that's a never ending learning process. Rome wasn't built in a day, people! This shit takes time, and LOTS of patience, as well as discipline. If you're lacking patience or discipline, you'll never be able to do anything, not just calisthenics. Stop worrying about what moves you can do and just keep trying. The only difference between a person who succeeded at building strength with calisthenics vs the person who failed is, the person who succeeded simply kept trying. There is no "finish line" with calisthenics. You just keep trying and trying. That's the nature of calisthenics. Even if you think you've "mastered" a move, you still have to keep trying to figure out how to do it all over again, but with more resistance, then more and more and more. Point is, stop whining, and keep trying. That's your only 2 options... whining or trying. Which are you going to choose?

Ross: Its obviously warm out, and hes shirtless, yet wearing sweats.. wheres the shorts bruh? there's a reason for that folks. and it rhymes with. 'Chicken legs'. that's what not doing barbell squats, barbell dead lifts, and leg press machines do for you ;)

minkyu lee: Nice thanks for the video

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