4 Best Exercises for a Flat Stomach (FLATTEN THE LOWER BELLY!!)

Best exercises for a flat stomach can be found in our 90 day ATHLEAN-XX program http://athleanx.com/x/flat-stomach-workouts This workout contains the 4 best exercises for a flat stomach, which focus on lower abs and obliques. These flat stomach exercises will help you tighten up and ‘frame’ your ab muscles. As you may know, crunches alone are not enough to get a flat stomach. In addition to a healthy nutrition plan, you’ll need to focus on lots of different types of ab exercises to get a flat stomach. To get a flatter stomach, shoot for 10-12 reps of each of the exercises below. Work toward 2-3 rounds of the entire flatter stomach workout. If you’re wanting to know how to get a flatter stomach, doing this workout a couple times per week will help get you there! 1) Reverse Twist 2) Planks With a Low Ab Tuck (Mountain Climber) 3) V-Ups 4) Side Plank Raise If you want to learn how to get a flat stomach, subscribe to our Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/womensworkouts

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Adesua Dynast: D Y i n g

Prisca Nemger: Maaaan she is awesome, I wish my body would just give in and let me do these exercises. They get harder I must be doing everything wrong.

Ghulam Rabani: Its really touching but also for man or only for womans.

Ghulam Rabani: This also for boys / man?

Martin Vergara: Hola hermosa

Cris Smmith: How long does it take to see the results?

Joanne Ganaden: amizing

Varsha Ramesh: plzz how to reduce our chest siZe would u do that video plzzz

Sophia HABEL: love your smile
very motivating

ggg's fan: the diet is the most critical thing.for a perfect body. you can do all kinds of exercise but u eat jonke food u never going to achieve a nice body💪💪💪

Bindu Madhavi: Wow it's working. And thanks for sharing this wonderful workout with us. Extremely super. Am very much happy with this workout. 👌🏽

Rose Galdamez Canadian Nurse: This was good!

Ruku Rashid: i had been searching for this since last 4 months.. i have pcos and i wanted to get rid of my wasteline fat.. thankyou sooo much.. thus is exactly something what i was looking for ...xoxo

Alma Radid: thanks for this video. i really searching such kinds of information

Casey McCosh: Finally an ab workout that doesn't hurt my neck YAY

Huma Khan: people workout more and more but they don't get perfect results.. why? Bcuz of their eating habits... # junk food...#softdrink.... so we need to change our diet with going through these types of exercise then see ur figure in the mirror...u feel awesome 😎

Mrs. Murtaza: I am a mom, and my son is 8 months old. I have lose skin on my lower tummy, so if I follow these workouts, would they really help to thighten the skin again? . Not much lose, but yeah, it is lose.

Марина П: спасибо за занятие!

thanks for the lesson!

pourfemme2013: your body is amazing :)

Angela Schoenfeld: Great ab workout, thanks!

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