People Try Fire Cupping Therapy • The Test Friends

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Satisfying SLIME 101: lol thats so bad for ur blood vessels lol

agate b.: Idk why are they so weirded out😂😂 it's an usual way to treat cold/flu. I do this almost every winter lol. I have real bad immune system

KillerWolf 77: It looks like pepperoni when their backs are red

Magi MiteinemG: Is Ryan flirting with the fire cup lady

Emely Otero: I would do it on my shoulders but I’m only 11 and there is probably no places to do it we’re I live

AmethystEyes: Where is Shane?!

Horses Epic: Who misses the test friends 😞☹️😢

K Goldmoon: It is well -known Korean Medical treatment in Korea with needle puncture.It would make feel good after cupping therapy with korean medical puncture treatment.A pain will be right away with good condition.It is so famous place in Korea at LIA KOREAN MEDICAL at Hanam City near in Seoul Gangdong-gu area.

Madison Pool: Lol looked like cow nipples

its just eli: this is walmart brand try guys

dion pratama: ryan is soooo cute :)

Kaan Smoke: The last one Ryan looked like he had dinosaur scales on his back🦖

Kaan Smoke: It looks they were rapping her in a a body bag

Yada yada Boog: 2:31😂😂

Kawaii Unicorncookie868 playz: Asian (I’m Vietnamese) use that verrrrry ancient I think????

WISVOO: 4:04

Annabelle Au: Am I the only one who is a bit disappointed that she isn't Chinese?

xero grey: ryan's giggle is so cute wow

ツInvertingly: When she said "Jesus Hand"

It took tingles to a whole new level

Ella Jade: The dude will not shut up and it’s so annoying

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