32 Minute Home Cardio Workout with No Equipment - Calorie Blasting Cardio Training

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Lucy Prado: Thanks

Lucy Prado: Love it

Vmarek Xcv: Bitch i cant

JustSara :3: I love this! Started today i will definitely continue!

Kimberly Baculad: Push-ups and hip raises killed me 😖

Rhonica Legezdh: this was very helpful thank u

Blessing Ezerime: Am 190lbs , 5'3, I will do this am update you on the result and also on what I ate. Armystrong

Allison Snoop: Hardest part for me is always lunges! I can't keep my balance on those to save my life, apparently the balance ballet gives you does not apply to lunges. It's a work in progress.

Aliyah Valentino: That was so hard I be my arm hurts but thank you still for hurting my arms😉😉😉😉😉

Hayley Flaherty: Girl, you straight kicked my ass. Thank you

Yakup Seyer: Daha fazlasi icin lutfen Instagram hesabi: coachyakupfitness takip ediniz

Alyanna Castilla: Died after 10mins of this workout!!! This is fun though will do this again tomorrow hahah

Eden Rikiti: I'm obese trying to loose weight first 2 minutes in and my arms are dead, had to keep telling myself to get going if i want that khloe kardashian body (minus the plastic surgeries) lmao. Wasn't easy but I need to make a change, got through the video taking several breaks. #day1

eboni robinson: I'm 12 years old and did EVERY step she did. People shame me because I'm so skinny but I'm going to prove them wrong😞😘

Irenia Barrios: Yo lo hice por 4 semanas de lunes a viernes, al principio lo hice contando los fines de semana también, pero opté por solo lunes y viernes y asta ahora lo sigo haciendo, pero me pese hace unos dias y note que en lugar de bajar subi 5 lb. a que se debe 😩😫, no estoy segura si habrá sido la masa muscular que me hizo pesar mas, porque al principio no podia hacer los ejercicios despues del waterbrake. Pero ahora ya puedo y el unico que si me canso un poco es el último ejercicio solo el último pero si los termino!!

muska babak: I am starting this workout plus melitery diet today I will keep you updated to what happens

Lethal Love: I live for YOU tube comments 🤣

Bandana Dash: I'm on my period but I'll do this.

darknlovli: Pretty easy

Jeffie Jones: Awesome!!!!

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