How To Strengthen Your Eyes (eye exercises)

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Jade Damm: When I turned Forty, my eyesight also started to weaken. After performing the study and reading lots of positive reviews of this product, I used this vision improvement method “fetching zuzo com” (Google it) 2 months ago. That was 8 weeks ago and I started to see indications of improvement after two weeks. I can read books along with other printed materials better now.

Glen Patton: I was on the verge of the potential of using eyeglasses for the first time. Right after utilizing this vision development method “buzu unique only” (Google it) for around 2 months, the squinting and straining has been considerably reduced. I feel as if my eyes are healthier and my sight has been improved.

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breakersigh: It works, if you do it loyally. You must keep it up, the same way you keep up a gym routine. Also protecting your eyes with sunglasses is just as potent as using sunscreen.

I like to do the zooming exercise. Focus on something up close like if you were reading a book for about 3-7 seconds, then focus on something far away for 3-7 seconds. Do this until your eyes get tired which will probably be in 3-5min. Than you need to close your eyes for 1 minute to let them rest, then you c an continue if you wish. Donate 5minutes of your time to this once a day, you will see a difference. Once you obtain results its hard to lose them, cause you're basically training the muscles in your eyes, which are constantly being used, so they wont really atrophy.

biglight33: yo elliot. how did the bates method work out for your eye sight?

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Alexey Kostovski: Because the Bates method is proposing strenghtening and healing your eyes naturaly by relaxation, which means looking in the distance, avoiding eye strain, avoiding prolonged hours of close-distance work.. And in a modern world, all you do is look at a close distance - smartphones, computers, reading.. That wall on the other side of the office is probably the farthest point we look at these days.

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Alexey Kostovski: The Bates method is immposible in the world we live in today, unless you live in a jungle or on some deserted island somewhere.

William L. Owens: I am wearing eyeglasses since I was a child. After discover that I can improve my eye-sight in a natural way, I was very confused but excited to check it out at the same time. After three weeks, my eye-sight have greatly improved To enhance your eye-sight in a natural way, take a look at:

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