Adam Savage Meets Aardman Animations' Puppets!

A special visit to the cave this week as two friends from Aardman Animations visit Adam and bring along some of their amazing stop-motion animation puppets! Jimmy and Gary work at Aardman's model shop, and show Adam the intricate details that go into each puppet. Plus, a surprise for Adam! Find more of Jimmy and Gary's work on Instagram at @Jimmy2eggs and @gazzle79 Shot by Joey Fameli and edited by Tywen Kelly Music by Jinglepunks Subscribe for more videos! Follow us on Twitter: Get updates on Facebook: Tested is: Adam Savage Norman Chan Simone Giertz Joey Fameli Adam Isaak Kishore Hari Patrick Norton Frank Ippolito Sean Charlesworth Jeremy Williams Thanks for watching!

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Randall Grant: Adam, I would have been geeking out myself. Fantastic to see all this stuff.

Dan Sutherland: Great vid, thanks for sharing

Beerenmüsli: Awesome Video!!!!Awesome Creation!!!!

CODE501: Очень круто. Америка могёт!

Jeff Gervais: I love stop animation

Christopher Clements: wow, amazing pieces!

Freerider: That sure was a very nice gift. You cannot put a price on that at all. Just the way gifts are supposed to be.

Kaede The lad: Just a suggestion... maybe make a dragon shoulder puppet ?

Elijah [Last Name]: Aardman Animations is basically the best

Lyndon Pedersen: Unashamedly a massive Aardman fan. Great content Adam!!

HYP3RD3ATH: I feel so bad for the guy who just stood and did nothing

Master Sashimi: They should make action figures Lol.

Edgar Aragon: The mini Adam is the coolest thing ever!!!

KNOX BLOX: Hi Adam, there needs to be a THUMBS UP button with an exclamation point. That was fun to watch. 👍🏻!

SmokyFrosty: Actually made me cry a bit... Incredible work from Aardman shows in every film and short they make. My all time favorite filmmakers.

HomersIlliad: Okay, I'll just watch this for a couple of minutes....

Ray Dillon: Whoa! Those models are way more complex than I expected. And 3D printing now, wow. And did I hear a magnetic snap when he put it back on? So cool.

HolandaChiquita: Ow that's amazing! They are so incredibly great! Aardman is the best! I absolutely love this/them!
I wish I could be able to work there, must be one of the best jobs ever!

Audrianna Genovese: Adam geeking out over really cool things are probably my favorite moments in life.

James Neave: Any one else see that internal hand and think "He's a cyber dog!"?

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Adam Savage Meets Aardman Animations' Puppets!

A special visit to the cave this week as two friends from Aardman Animations visit Adam and bring along some of their amazing stop-motion animation puppets! Jimmy and Gary work at Aardman's...

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