The 10 Best Push Up Variations - Calisthenics and Street workout 2015

10 Best Push Ups in Calisthenics and Street Workout. 10 Great and Effective Push up Exercises for Strength and explosivness Plyometrics with heavy pushes (10 Push Up Exercises, list in Video and Description). 1) Knee Push Push Up 2) Normal Push Up 3) Fingertip Push Up 4) Diamond Push Up 5) Clap Push Up 6) Spiderman Push Up 7) Falling Knee Push Up 8) Archer Push Up 9) Handstand Push Up 10) One Arm Push Up This is an Good push up workout with some of the Best and most Effective push ups and variations, but also some of the best bodyweight exercises. Full workout routine for (primary) chest, triceps and shoulders. NEW 2 YEAR BODY TRANSFORMATION: Mathias Terkelsen SnapChat: MathiasYT Instagram: Twitter: Subscribe: Facebook:


The Usual Suspect: dude,your one armed push up was pretty shit. you have to have your body not pushed to the side. legs arch position and elbows in

Iron Eagle 444 - Doomsday Yoga: coolness

Z Spirit: Loved the last few variations!

gamesofor: wow ! this channel is awesome !!! why it has so little subs ?

Randall Morris: Well done brother!!!  Keep up the good work...

Milos Janic: Great video bro, i really enjoyed it, keep up the good work!

myke5696: really good form! especially handstand and one handed

23Muscle ups: Top video bro!

Aleksandr NeNevsky: good)

Rafael Vogarins Fitness: very good brother ! cool !

Grey Silver Wolf: good job Mathias:-))

Mark BFitness: Nicely done!

Figure Blueprint: good video bro thanks for checking out my video

Vlad Kalitin: yeah buddy your vids are awesome, Im gonna try this workout out!

taking a break: Nice vids

Deansidious FitnessChannel: Great variations! Awesome and keep it up

SuperSkillz Tv: Pretty good job man, keep going ;)

مستعن بالله و رسوله: Bravo

Bixez Terkel: Sick push ups!

Blaise: Very good video, keep up the good work. :)

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