The 7 Best Bernie Sanders Ads - First Quarter 2016

Seven of the best official ads by the Bernie Sanders for President campaign that were aired in the first three months of 2016, during the primaries and caucuses for the Democratic Party Presidential Nomination.

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Kathie Brophy: What we should have had. Not Clinton. Not Trump. We were robbed, because they don't WANT us together. Bernie wouldn't kiss the corporate ring, and so he was torpedoed.

jake pryor: Haha SUCKER / why hillRat not in jail ?

Mr Clean: Communist prick

James Stewart: he looks like just another politician to me. no less a product of "the political establishment" as anyone else.

John O'Shaughnessy: Socialism works until the smart talented people leave and there is no more wealth to redistribute. Aka it doesn’t work. He never had a chance against Hillary, she rigged it then paid him off to drop out.

Harshit Madan: Calls for unity......initiates class warfare against rich people.

the heiny: My biggest criticism of Bernie is the way he wants to implement some of his policies. If you put them into a historical/political perspective, you'd realize there's a lack of political feasibility. Pragmatism shouldn't be treated as a negative thing.

Dumpknoedel: Best 7 in the First quarter.... how many fucking ads do you air? Some countries start their election shit 6 weeks before the actual election, did you know that?

Noun boy: Great ads. But writing this in Sept 2017, what happened? What next?

Nora Cubberly: BERNIE IS AMAZING! Feel the BERN! Really wish he won.

cosmicbutthairs: It's 2017 and my heart breaks for you America

Fahmida Yasmin: Now I hope my broken heart is gone build feel the burn .

Fred Theman: I love bernie but even though i do people are people theres no such thing as black or anything else people are all the same

Lenie Adolphson: Watching these ads its just unbelievable that he lost and I understand why people sat home when we were given those two choices.

Stephanie Yeminez: #FEELTHEBERN

laura rahfuse: And he's still on the road for us.

Remix Tapes: Our Revolution Continues! Let's keep fighting.. Bernie 2020

CJsConfusedMama: I was crying the entire time

Kavkaz: Who is watching this misty-eyed in 2017?

Jon Fisher: Just another left wing flake who promises everything... if I promised everything, would you guys vote for me?? Morons!

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