Low Back Pain and Working Out (IMPORTANT!!)

Strengthen your low back once and for all by training like an athlete http://athleanx.com/x/strong-from-the-inside-out Let’s face it, working out with low back pain or after a lower back injury is almost impossible. With your lumbar spine located so close to your center of gravity, virtually every exercise you do will travel through or have an impact on your low back. This makes training and lifting weights either painful or simply nonproductive, unless you start training your back right. In this video, I show you the most important concept you must adopt if you want to not only overcome your lower back injury but start working out like you did before getting hurt. In order to lift heavy weights again (and it is possible) you need to be sure that you are taking a two step approach to your back rehab and training. First, you must make sure to work long and hard on improving the stamina of your lower back muscles. The most effective way to do this is to concentrate on including variations of the classic hyperextension exercise that I show you. Of course, the name is incorrect, as you don’t need to actually hyperextend but rather extend your back from a flexed position to recreate the normal lumber curvature. From here, you have to work on asymmetrically loading your back while in extension. You can do this by holding a dumbbell in one hand and trying not to let it rotate your body in that direction. Durations of 1-2 minutes should be the goal here as you work to gradually increase the stamina of the muscles in your lower back. Low back pain is common in almost everyone that lifts at some point. How quickly you bounce back from it and how often it recurs are critical. If you have to have surgery because of it, or even metal implantation for stabilization then you cannot afford to overlook the importance of the sequencing that I’m covering for you here. After you build up your low back muscle endurance in a single workout then you need to start increasing the frequency each week that you train your lower back. Aim for up to 4-5 times per week for a very stabile back. Finally, when you have enough stability in your back it’s time to focus on building up your lower back strength to prevent low back pain from returning. It’s critical that you take baby steps as you work back to your previous lifting weights. Convince your back that you are in command of every weight you lift and then (and only then) will your back give you the permission to do so. For a complete workout program that helps you get not only a strong lower back but builds core strength from the ground up and the inside out, be sure to head to http://athleanx.com and get the ATHLEAN-X Training System. Train like an athlete and look like an athlete. For more videos on how to workout with injuries and exercises for low back pain, be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel at http://youtube.com/user/jdcav24

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Junz: Wish id seen this vid earlier thought id seen all yr lower back vids. Anyway literally tweaked a recently recovered lower back injury, luckily i still have my diclofenac pills for inflamation, its not as bad as the first time i tweaked or pinched it a month ago doing squats that took me out of weights for 1 week. I now know to do plenty of reps and build up to it, coz the trainer at the gym said to after id injured it last night lol. Wish id seen this vid earlier thoe. Thanks for the info, awesome vid!

TheSteveMaybo: Excellent. Thank you!!

More back injury recovery please!

Have a herniated disc L4-5.


TheLei78: Can you make a video about sacroiliac pain :( I may have stress fractured my joint from bad bent over rows

BrightStar*: Jeff, every one of your videos is terrific. You give so much information here, and all of it high-quality with good production value. You really know your science and put it into practice.

Bowly Blaise: I have spondylolisthesis 9-10mm some doctor says I would not be able to lift heavy anymore. My current sumo deadlift PR is 235 kgs (bw 83 kgs). Do you think that with the right physiotherapy and movement correction I can lift heavy and keep improving again (btw im 23 years old).

Brittanie Morris: i am trying to help my mother with her lower back injury, she is use to lifting heavy but now she cannot.. we must build the strength back up, any recommendations..

Karen Walton: Very good. Thanks for the info. Ive been dealing with lower back pain since I did a weighted hyperextension- probably before I should have. I think for a while for my back workouts I will focus on stamina like you said vs strength building.

ISHAK youssef: good videos but i think that changing the studio will be better for you .. it's not attractive

Peyton Williams: It was only 2 days ago since I used this back ache, "fonon fetching site" (Google it) nonetheless it already made several distinction. Vital to avoid lower back pain. It has successfully met my anticipations. I have only used it several times but seems to do what it`s designed to...

Gaurav Dixit: I feel pain in back after every workout please help


Jamie Smith: I have continuous low back pain and also stiffness. With my attempt to acquire a remedy in my concern, I have used various guidelines but to no avail, no one have been competent to help. However, using this back problems guidebook, "fonon fetching site" (Google it), been able to deal with my back stiffness substantially. It`s very comfy. I strongly suggest this guidebook...

Wendy Fong: Hi! What are you using to lean on?

OFFICIAL NSA: ive always had great flexibility in my back. i could lie face down and stand more torso upright no problem...thats because a problem becausr the past year or so my lower back has gotten bent too much, so i have anterior pelvic tilt basically. working on stretching hip flexors and and strengthening abs. need to do start doing deep leg presses to to hit the glutes. front squats and rack pulls/deadlifts KILL my lower back. unless i literally thrust my pelvis into it and keep abs flexed super tight...pissin me off

dharam raj Choudhary: My MRI report findings
Straightening of lumber lordosis seen
Mild diffuse bulging at L3-4 & L4-5 level mildly narrowing the external foramina. Facet joint arthropathy and ligamentum flavum hypertrophy noted.
I started my gym just two month earlier.
What should I do.
Can I continue my gym or not. If not, for how much period I need to take rest.
Which type of exercises I do. Please....

Pepi's: Loved the information from this video. Could you please do a few more and incorporate different exercises targeting various muscle groups. I have a horizontal Roman chair and have found it very helpful for my back. Unfortunately for me being able to go to a gym is not possible so I have invested in some exercise equipment to allow me to get back some fitness from years of doing very little. After 60 years of hard knocks to my body taking small steps to gain more flexibility works for me. Thanks for all your fantastic videos I love them keep going. Mark Geiger Queensland Australia.

Im Thrillz: I started working out around a month and a half ago and my lower spine started to feel a weird pain in the center when i lean back or bend over to touch my toes. This weird pain in the center of my lower spine started a day after i deadlifted 275lbs at 150lbs with good form (i made sure i was doing them with good forms), and then cleaning 155lbs, both for about 20min

mush max: Too. Talkative.

Francis Draeger, Jr.: Jeff,

Great video! This is encouraging to hear! I herniated L5-S1 a little over a year ago. I had terrible sciatica. I mean, I could barely drive to work without crying, or screaming in pain. I only live 2.7 miles from work, and it takes 10 minutes. After physical therapy for four months, and finally, an epidural, I finally started to move again. I started with swimming. More physical therapy. Then, I lifted with my upper body. Now, I'm back to squatting heavy again. I was about to start deadlfting again, until I saw this video. Now, I'll focus on engaging my lower back, re-engaging the muscles, working on stamina and the mind-muscle connection. I thought, even after starting to squat again, that I would never DL again. But after watching you do your pause squats at 315, knowing how much knee pain you're in, and seeing this video, maybe one day, I will be able to DL again.

ThomasPaineRules: Thanks Jeff and thanks for sharing you’re wife’s back fusion and her gains since. My surgeries are not as severe and your instructions and her example have given me hope and the proper way to start and progress . 👍

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