Exercise in Dogs: How Much is Enough?

This video looks at the factors that need to be considered when choosing how often, how much, and what type of exercise dogs need to produce a dog that is calm and happy. The old addage of 'a tired dog is a good dog' is not strictly true! Too much or too often can add stress and too little can contribute to health problems such as obesity. Here's a link that explains the role of exercise in stress and well-being: http://books.google.ca/books?id=FNyYZDZQL0gC&pg=PA112&lpg=PA112&dq=whole+dog+journal+serotonin&source=bl&ots=p0ltZu_LuT&sig=FyjYdk3Xq8LC3-tSFU3YBcjf7iM&hl=en&sa=X&ei=ar2KUr66MaOziwLNpID4BQ&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q=whole%20dog%20journal%20serotonin&f=false

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Kyra and Friends: Mine love getting out and about. My smallest can tire himself out around the house, or enjoys a shorter walk around the streets or to the beach. One of my larger dogs enjoys over an hour of physical exercise, or a good run on the beach chasing a ball... My other large dog can go for hours. We once walked over 8km over 4 hours, along with stopping at a creek to cool down, walking up and down hills etc and she loved it. She seemed to have all her energy back an hour after returning home and would have been happy to go out again 😂 She was given a day break after that. I definitely think it varies on the dog, breed and how often the dog is exercised as well.

Low Remedy: dam i have a red nose pitbull and a irish wolf hound cross german shepard
i work them out every few days for maybe 40 mins to an hour and a half maybe more
i really let them dictate how much they want to train obviously if there aching or sore
they don't train i give them a good few days rest to recover from sore muscles.
but they seem to love it, its high intensity, they get exhausted, they get a rest when they want it. i mean both dogs are super fit it blows my mind the level of stamina these dogs have especially the wolf hound cross he's 12 years old and still jumps round like hes 3 no problems at all. the pitty is almost 5 years and he is strong, fit as ever, and loving life.

Shoonam: Great video! I just didn't get one part: "15 minutes or more is recommended" - 15min of what? Quality exercise? Like hikes?

Cara Cline: Hi Donna! May I please post this on my pet sitting website? Great tips! - Cara

suhaylett: I have several clients that come here with dogs where they cannot concentrate on anything if a ball is in view. A lot of owners do not realise that this is not a brilliant way for a dog to behave and it can as Donna says turn into an obsession. I usually start off teaching a fun scent game which is good exercise and also brain work, owners can do this even if the dog is on a lead they can drop something ,walk on then send the dog back to find it.

suhaylett: Very timely Donna, thank you

Donna Hill: How much exercise is enough for dogs?

Claudia Estanislau: thanks for the video Donna :D

Carolyn Miller: Great vid, Donna, which raises questions about my dog -- a 3yo adopted Maltese/poodle, very athletic and high drive.  She is ball obsessed and loves about an hour of ball chasing daily, all at top speed.  She runs and walks w/us about 1 hr. per day. We enjoy hiking and swimming.   She's Level 2-3 on Sue Ailsby's program.Ball obsession is such that she really doesn't want to socialize or play w/other dogs.  Question:  how do I wean her off the ball obsession?  If we don't bring it to the park, she gets frantic and still can't concentrate on anything else.

PlaidJaguar: Thanks! Some stuff I didn't know. Especially the bit about fetching and cortisol. I do a ton of fetching and tug of war with Demo, but I'll start adding other types of exercise in the future.

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This video looks at the factors that need to be considered when choosing how often, how much, and what type of exercise dogs need to produce a dog that is calm and happy. The old addage of...

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