UTS Science in Focus: The Science of weight loss

When someone loses weight - where does it go? This ground-breaking talk will change the way you think about weight loss and you’ll be absolutely riveted with the demonstrations that illustrate the weight loss process with the aid of liquid nitrogen and a balloon! The talk by Ruben Meerman will be followed by an expert panel discussion featuring UTS academics and researchers from other institutions.

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Olivier Defaux: what is the equation for burning liver and muscle glycogen anaerobically? what happens to the glycogen?

David J: This proves that lifting weights at the gym just doesn't cut it when it comes to weight loss, clearly running,cycling quite fast is necessary!

tommy tran: science of wieght loss more like politics and business of wieght loss

mo O: I learnt something new today - I had no idea what a pool noodle was.

milesv: My music teacher is his brother.

WaleFit: It's definitely a science to it. Thanks for sharing!

Hannah Espada: So if your weight loss plateaus from the extracellular matrix not shrinking as fast as the adipose tissue is shrinking, how can we make the extracellular matrix shrink at the same rate so as not to cause stress? Or did I understand what he said wrong?

Chris Sartoretto: Cool video, keep it up!

Keysha Bass: Congrats! You look great!

stillett12343: I turned in to a big guy through many ways, not my fault, and few ways that could be due to age. But at the end of the day, what aggravates me, is that. People want me to go to the gym!, I always was obsessed with going to the gym. i even joined government organisations example: "(army)(Royal Marines)(USMC)".
I took on challenges to have that diet that worked for me to make it through the day at the pace i lived to train. My point again, is that. I go to the gym. I see people i knew who claim they support me. they do not need to support me. but by claiming, or ignoring the fact i used to know them, puts me in that position of pure imagination. before me is people that live to change memories. to live a life of imagination, there for there is no real support, and i get overpowered by peoples support to want me to not be obsessive in going to the gym., not wanting me to be fit and healthy. yet. When i go to the Gym, Just having the muscle that i gained from the endurance i set about. lets me know i can do what i need to. just without the support. I need to be safe, need to

MIRA KARIM: Incredibly interesting! :)

Advocatus Diablo: Hi, I was at this forum a few weeks ago.  I wanted to ask a question but we were out of time.  Is there anyway to contact Ruben in regards to this?

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UTS Science in Focus: The Science of weight loss

When someone loses weight - where does it go? This ground-breaking talk will change the way you think about weight loss and you'll be absolutely riveted with the demonstrations that illustrate...

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