Zac Efron Makes Vanessa Hudgens' birthday special

Vanessa Birthday is on 12-4 and Zac efron decided to make a birthday special to Hudgens

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Lilahs Flower Box: Sabrina Vanessa judges 1218069📽️🎞️📽️🎞️📼🎥📼🎥📸📸📹📹


Meba Kassa: they need to leave them the freak alone and not just them all famous people and c'mon you can't even leave her alone on her birthday thats just f***ed up and so are the rest of the papparzzi

strawberrypie4eva: love how she honks at them!!! hahahahaha serves them right

MichaelJ867: @manzie31 yeah.. cute also

Sabrina K: omg the paparazzi's being so stupid.... they're not having any privacy

mercatorblue: ugh the paparazzi are just CHASING these poor kids.. i know they're rich and famous but they should leave them the fuck alone

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