7 Best Excuses for Missing Your Homework

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abbey williams: I would normally say that my mom accidentally threw it away... which is true most of the time, she looks at what I brought home then asks if she can throw it away I say no and sometimes she doesn’t here me and throws it away anyway

Rachel S: I tried the yolo pen and my teacher said “Sweetie here is a detention slip don’t forget”

Saige Mrosk: My teachers don’t care if you are dying they want that homework

Hannah McGehee: Not even joking, when the dude fell at the end I screamed “HE HAS MCFALLEN”

Mary acheampong: I need this

JustA Midget: Who else has homework tommoworow that they havent done

sup_its_pkelly 13: If i did these, detention! If her favourite does these "it's okay"

I'm talking about the math teacher

Moriah Cooley: 2018 anyone??

HANNIE Lately: I wish I could pull that on my teachers

Karla Plascencia Castro: In my school, there is no such thing as having an excuse for not doing your homework.

MeFilms: the teacher is a good actor

Martha H: 🐢

GirlyKitten505 505: The first one was good but the others??????

sweet as sugar: Well we don't get homework

sweet as sugar: If only teachers were that stupid

BTS ARMY: My teacher would not care and still punish me

Rosie: Where was this when I extremely needed it

-Aesthetic Azzi-: My teacher is literally sick of hearing excuses bc everyone is just too lazy to do the homework, and they come up with excuses like: ,,My dad had a heart attack, we had to go to the doctor and we had to stay there all night!"

Ella Fashion101: I tryed one it worked

Young LagGaming: I done the yolo one and i got put in isolation thanks alot

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