XXXMEMEGHOSTXXX -: that was beautiful I will admit that


Kai Williams: I'm just saying Simon cried because at the time of the audition his mum had recently past away and the lyrics reminded him of his mum

Heiko Schneider: Why iam Cry!!! So hard.!

Tom K: 😢😢😢😢

beautiful shadow: i have no tires left

Tarantula Hawk: I wish I had a mommy...someone to take care of me. 💔😭😞

Marine Berenguer: music ???

Tom Sanko: Coolest thing i've ever seen! Thank You!

istván Kiss: Nagyszerű produkció! ilyet még nem láttam. Köszönöm a művészeknek!

Random Carrot: I think this art work is absolutely amazing but it is sad 😭 but I didn't cry uhm

Random Carrot: All I wanted to see was Simon crying :P because I never see him cry

** 4n0nym0u5: They r Hungarian! And im too :DD

Patrick Williams: Stupid onions made my eyes water

Eioudia Osiyo: Where are they now

Spellcaster86: Footprints in the Sand is played on almost every contest show at least once a season.

shailesh sape: 😔😖😞😢😭😭
amazing fantastic


Consensual Buttrape: I am not a sissy for crying through this, understand?

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