Alexia Reacts: im adopted to!

Mo'Nique Love: don't ever let anyone discourage you. everyone makes mistakes. thats your creation. hold your hrad up & God bless you & your family

Faheem Abdullah: that other lady is not her mother she is our grandfather's wife

Faheem Abdullah: I would like to hear a story of how Simone biles his mother's father help his daughter when she fell into error

Christine Page: In the real world everything a race factor, so talk shit if you want , i know the reality ok.  I am a Black girl strugglue through it . lol ok.

Walter Butler: news news bad idea to use the robot voice. do you have any idea how annoying that is? click! you won't see me back listening to the annoying robot voice. it sucks

Nelly Madore: Is sad, but 'm glad her grandparents adopt her and her sister and brother in her side it wasnt future.

Hazel Eyes: Take a good look at Jimmy Butler of the Chicago Bulls. His mother put him out at the tinder age of 12 or 13. He grew up without his family and he had to live on the streets until some friends took him in. He was just a small boy. To make a long story short. Jimmy Butler's mom told him that he will never be anything. Take a look at him now. Never turn your back on a child. That child may grow up and be your savior one day. Parents love your children. Spend time with your kids, give them memories. They're not going to stay children long. Their growing up.

Cordell Ivy: well at least they're not saying she was born a boy.
go Simone. USA loves you

obrbob194: Biological drug addled mother now trying to cash in on daughters success... FUCK YOU drug addicted piece of shit motherfucker you ain't getting any of that money CUNT... Get back under your section 8 welfare SSI Obama phone rock fucking low life STAINKY RATCHET HOOD RAT!

Tony O'Neal: it's funny how so many people here are bashing her mother. she was physically addicted to drugs. she made the choice to let her parents raise her kids. her parents created a rift between her and her kids. that shit isn't cool. seeing her children would have been helpful in rehabilitation.
my uncle had his children taken from him. he got himself sober and stable and got custody back. his kids love him.
I don't know first hand what it's like to be physically addicted to anything, but, I would imagine that it's not easy.

Tehone Carter: everybody makes mistakes! and everybody deserves a second chance! no one is perfect.

B Chen: Being human, we all have different   ups and downs. Remember to have MERCY. Many of us were blessed not to fall into drugs or alcohol. As an old lady told me when I was a teen,BE Careful who you  put  in the news for their mistakes. You will make some too. This family will do better if you N I FOCUS on the ACCOMPLISHMENTS of Simone. STELLAR!!

Tamantha McKinley: looking at some of these comments and I'm like wow. nobody's perfect. people now days act like they don't sin like they perfect. he who is perfect cast the first stone

Yonette James: this is very emotional she is still her mom we have to forgive her for the past

flyinspirals: Wow, judge strangers much, people? Pray that you never need a second chance in life, because there are lots of smug, self-righteous jerks out there.
She's paid, still paying. She's still their mom, & is letting Simone and her other, non-famous children choose whether to see her. - The End - (I found this interesting, if sad.)

Tonomah Toh: I command her for respecting her father and his wife wishes and giving credit to Nellie...keep working on yourself Shannon.

isithotmama: If you have not been personally affected by an adoption, then to me what you say doesn't count. To the mother, LEAVE SIMONE ALONE, unless you are willing to do everything in your power to acknowledge what YOU have done. First you need to find out how Simone is feeling about you, second you better not blame your father for making you stay away. He thought what he was doing was best at the time. If Simone is not open to you at the moment, DON'T FORCE IT. Try to let Simone do this in her own time. No matter how long it may take. It should be her decision to let you back in her life. I'm speaking from experience. To Simone, you are a beautiful successful athelete who was raised by loving grandparents. You decide if you're ready to accept your mother in your life. Don't force it. I've been there. Please don't open yourself up to heartache. Get prepared. Seek counseling if necessary to begin this journey. I pray for all adoptees who have to go through this painful and confusing time.

Brenda Davis: "She clearly"

Brenda Davis: I don't think she's trying to swoop in now that Simone is "famous". You clearly had been in the child's life long before some of you even heard of Simone. I applaud her for getting clean, staying clean, getting her life back in track, maintaining a job...the whole nine yards. Of course she is going to be proud of her! We as a people need to try and uphold each other not tear down even when we've made a mistake. Second chances are what some folks need.

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