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Carleigh wilsonator: Swimming, running, and lifting weights

SAIMON ALAM: Video idea: What if you never exercised?

Buttercupkat Productions: My favorite way to work out is RUN. 🏃‍♀️ And yes I like working out! 🌟 It makes me feel good. 😴

Gamer Bean XO: i cant work out........ i have a disoder where i have no boudy fat ad well if i work out i culd die

Maryam Abbani: "Fat burns when you breathe"
Breathes aggressively

C G: People take losing weight wayyyyyy to seriously. I literally lost weight by lifting hard and running on the treadmill. I’m not big or skinny and I didn’t even go on a diet. I just stopped eating fast food. STOP EATING FAST FOOD.

Danny Idrovo: Got a bit of breathing to do

mason silvers: my fav workout is the walk to the computer.
Benim fav egzersiz bilgisayara yürüyüş mesafesindedir.

John Gherardi: I go to the gym every weekend to work out.

Prema S: I'm no more lazy.....

Daniel Schreiber: I do not have a favorite workout. I don't like working out.

sen. slimes: I love working out Bc I'm in gymnastics 😼

the catastrophic gamer: I'm a slacker

Skyler Chau: i am trying to work out but i am so into games its hard to work out

TheGhastKing332: Running, rollerblading or swimming and yes

sor3999: So people say you lost "water weight" they don't quite understand that you're getting rid of the byproduct of burning fat... this also explains why there is a bit of a delay of losing actual weight because what composed of the fat cell is still in you until expelled by breathing or urinating.

Ashley Marie: this was made before trump was president

Buttercupkat Productions: Well I do walk to the post office every morning and sometimes I run! So yes. I work out and I loveeeeeeeeeee running. 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

Falcon Trek: How does fasting effect the body

John Hamming: I gained about 1lb just watching this vid, (I was eating alot)

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