Sculpt the body of your dreams with these 10 exercises! They work all 3 glute muscles, and also your leg muscles as well. Follow me on twitter https://twitter.com/BFitVegan

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Jennifer S: Fashion changes..girls used to want a very small butt...it was considered vulgar to let a big butt hang out

Mia the dreamer: She is perfect.. I love her outfit too..

Insane Innocent: Thanks for your useful video!

Cara J: Today is leg day and these were challenging. Her body is gorgeous. I will be adding this channel to my favorites. Thanks.

smruti lenka: Perfect body and exercise

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Cat MeNot: Talk and put some nice music! Much love!

Trena Pickel: Check guide from Unflexal blog.

Todd Kenman: #inwithneverstoppedsinging amazing work out! i try not to compare my form. I tend to lose form, get winded and fall behind, but I love it! nice work!

Daniella Zecchino: Lateral lunges bother my knees, I feel a pinch on the inside part of my knee cap... should I still try doing these?

Ramondjini Rosefort: She look great. Wish I had her leg form.

Kathryn Bousquet: How many reps of each though?

Martin xlegmartin: I would like to see her working out in a leg press. I think she could lift more weight than an average guy...

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