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Tags: minecraft antvenom beyond perception illusions


Purple Girl: Im watching this in 2018

The Last Knight: I hate this video.. you talk so much without actually saying anything.. unobserv-ant.. 18:52 says everything you needed to

Cody marks: You showed your face yay!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicholas Hayden: The 7 best illusions in Minecraft

Spartan War118: I've face-palmed at the last two levels and then the big square green one
For the Memorial have you tried looking up?
In the big square green one you can look up to see a mirror image of the level
And in the last one there is LITERALLY green on the wall telling you where things are

Koulatko: "Crouching or sneaking is cheating, No Sneak!", well, welcome to hell, logdotzip.

DeadShot: What was that weird game with color blocks that you could collect in a gun to open doors
This video reminds me of that
The game is called AntiChamber and it's trippy AF

Demomint: At first, I don't even think it is minecraft.

Wii remote 101: idk why but this music sounds like terreria


KittyCatRules: That's kinda nifty!

Christian Main: This reminds me of Kairo

xXBBB2003Xx: but i can see it.

Bim Rome: I know that boring

Ausumn / TrueAC: I was just staring at the FaceCam at the maze and it was getting creepy😆😂🤣😅😣

Real_RUBB3R: Umm, I downloaded the map, and for some reason, when i walk ontop of the squares nothing happens. help?

Nahkriin, Dragon Priest.: Jesus Christ.
We turned Minecraft...
Into an entirely new game.

Alex wall: omg his voice sounds so detached to the webcam

Louis Buteau: That got me a headache

MonsieurAuContraire: Looks like this map was inspired by Antichamber

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