Why Functional Programming Matters by John Hughes at Functional Conf 2016

25 years ago I published "Why Functional Programming Matters", a manifesto for FP--but the subject is much older than that! As software becomes more and more complex, it is more and more important...

Functional Training

Un antrenament functional ce lucreaza intreg corpul, axat mai putin pe crestere in masa dar mai mult pe rezistenta atat musculara cat si cardio. Sau mai bine spus, un antrenament pentru a fi fit.


Hey friends!! Functional exercises are amazing for getting leaner by incorporating them in HIIT session, getting stronger with static holds like on the rings and developing power and mobility...

Robert C Martin - Functional Programming; What? Why? When?

Functional Programming.

Woman Functional Training® Functional Strength Workout

Why Functional Programming Matters

In the latter half of the 2000s, a new kind of programming language seemed poised to take the steam out of the dominancen of object-oriented programming languages and their hold over "mainstream"...

Best Functional Workout - VfR  |

Heute mit VfR Mannheim und Functional Trainer Jan Koziak TheRock - Your Better Performance ist eine Gruppe von Personal Trainern und prominenten Sportlern, welche auf einfache Art und Weise...